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I am your ALL-IN mentor at your life's game table, guiding women through the art of strategic
precision to actively achieve their dreams.

My goal? To pave the way to your unparalleled uniqueness and magnificence and provide you with a
royal roadmap to achieve your goals. Let the game begin!

Choose the one that will lead you to your personal jackpot from the following exclusive packages!


Money secrets for women: How to create wealth with ALL-IN Money Mastery®

This programme incorporates the expertise I have gained as a Casino Director. I have analysed people and their financial behaviour and developed valuable insights, strategies and systems that YOU as a modern woman can now benefit from.

It focuses on the following questions

  • What kind of money person are you?

  • What gifts & challenges does that bring?

  • What kind of money mindset do you have?

  • How can you attract material wealth?

  • How can you become a magnet for abundance?

Result-oriented planning creates clarity. Individual strategy development, personal support & worksheets help you to identify your specific solution and implement it with discipline & consistency.

At the same time, you will take the next steps towards your financial security and freedom with ease and joy. Because you are worth it!

Image by Joel Muniz

What do clients say about Carmen Cornelia?

Es ist nicht einfach in Worte einer einfachen Google-Rezension zu erfassen, wie großartig Carmen und ihre Arbeit ist. Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter ist ein Multitalent. Empathie, strategisches Mentoring und klare Visionsarbeit wird bei ihr großgeschrieben.

Ihre Menschenkenntnis ist enorm. Sie ist mehr als eine professionelle Wegbegleiterin, Analystin und Coach. Sie ist wahrlich eine Mentorin mit Herz und Seele.


Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen: Wenn du auf der Suche nach dir, deinem Weg und deiner Passion für Leben bist, bist du bei Carmen genau in den richtigen Händen.


Sie führt dich, leitet dich und unterstützt dich dabei dich selbst zu entdecken und deinen Visionen und Ziele zu finden. Danke für Alles, liebe Carmen!

Nira Maria Welke, Urban Dough, Essen


The roulette of success:
GO ALL-IN for you as the winner


In our exclusive 1:1 mentorship, I will take you on a personal journey of discovery full of strategic finesse.

Together we will uncover the answers to essential questions:


  • Who are you really? What makes your heart beat faster?

  • What unique superpower do you possess?

  • Where does your unparalleled splendour lie?

  • What is calling you, what is your true purpose?

Recognise and understand what makes you different and unleash your full potential to not only recognise your magnificence, but to live it to the fullest.

This is your own personal Royal Flush - a priceless gift to yourself. Because you deserve this attention, this exclusive space to use it for your growth.

As the creator and pioneer of your life, you become the undisputed hero of your own story. The time to act is now!


What do client say about Carmen Cornelia?

Kein Leben funktioniert "partly in"! So hat Carmen Haselwanter die Quintessenz menschlichen Daseins mit ihrem Konzept des "GO ALL-IN®" für ihre Zuhörerschaft und Klienten erlebbar und vor allem umsetzbar in Keynotes und Coachings verpackt.


Durch ihre unkomplizierte und offene Art lässt Carmen Haselwanter ihre Tiefe und Kompetenz zu einem schwierigen Thema spielerisch leicht erscheinen.


Diejenigen die Carmen Haselwanter live erlebt haben werden den Pfad des "All In" nicht mehr verlassen. Wozu auch? Leben funktioniert schließlich auch nicht nur zum Teil.

Dan Stein - Selbstschutz ist kein Luxus

Image by wes lewis

Rely on the aces up your sleeve
Your ALL-IN path to becoming a winner


In this one-day workshop, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the casino and take the first bold steps in your life.

  • Discover your talents & potential in the "ALL-ME" chapter,

  • Place your bets wisely in the "ALL-IN" chapter and

  • Win by setting your stakes in the "ALL-DO" chapter.

End the day knowing how to organise your life according to your own rules.

Be part of this unique workshop and realise your full potential!


What do client say about Carmen Cornelia?

As a participant in Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter's "Master your Life" 1:1 mentoring programme, I feel compelled to share my transformative experience. I first encountered Carmen's compelling presence at an international congress on women's empowerment, where her speech not only inspired, but also instilled a sense of urgency to move from mere discussion to action.

Carmen's expertise in empowerment and implementation shines through in her mentorship. Over the course of three months, her guidance has been nothing short of revolutionary in my personal and professional development. Her approach is deeply rooted in understanding individual potential and using it to proactively create success.

As a medical professional, I found Carmen's methods particularly powerful. The mentorship drove my personal development, allowing me to explore and maximise my potential beyond the clinical realm. Her emphasis on actions over words resonated with me and catalysed a shift in my approach to challenges and opportunities.

Carmen's mentorship goes beyond traditional coaching. It's an immersive experience that redefines one's perspective and approach to life and career. Her ability to connect, understand and guide is a rare gift, making her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking growth and empowerment.

In summary, Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter is not just a mentor; she is a catalyst for change. Her programme is a testament to her expertise in turning potential into action, making her an invaluable guide for anyone seeking to make significant strides in personal and professional growth.

Dr. Sunita Pal, Indien

Image by Nick Morrison

Virtuelle High-Roller
Enter the ALL-IN Online Workspace

Bet on your aces up your sleeve and win the jackpot of your life - all from home!

Experience unique workshops that encourage you to take bold steps and invest fully in your life. Prepare to place your bets wisely and master life's challenges like a pro.

Come to the virtual table and experience how to create your life on your own terms!

What can I do for you? What can I support?

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