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My name is


My expertise is:

"Get out of the routine & into the adventure of life by going ALL-IN and living your GREATNESS."


Your Guide -  to Discover your GREATness

exclusively as an interview guest on the Expert podcast.

ALL-IN führt zur Grossartigkeit, sagt die ehemalige Casino St.Moritz Direktorin
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What professional experiences does Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter bring with her?

As a long-time traveler, Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter brings over 25+ years of management experience in the areas of tourism, education, graphics/design and entertainment.

The expert for empowerment & implementation has, among other things

  • travels the seas as chief officer on a cruise ship,

  • as a tourism station manager, looking after international customers on a holiday island,

  • managed a graphics & design department in the heart of Greece and

  • as director of a casino in Switzerland.

The experienced trainer, then as now, relies on her expertise:
"Explore your GREATNESS".

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Who is... Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter ?

ALL-IN MASTERY Activator | Mindset mentor | Podcaster
bestselling author | Speaker for Empowerment & Implementation
Human Connector | Bridge builder | Globetrotter

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Allegra... I am Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter, your lighthouse in the world of self-realization and implementation, your ALL-IN Mastery Activator and expert for deep empowerment. My journey began when, at the tender age of 17, I left the warmth of my home behind me to immerse myself in the vastness of the world, alone and without a cell phone.

My calling as a mentor, business trainer, public speaker, writer and podcaster is based on a wealth of experiences, experiences and insights that I was able to collect on my adventurous journey in over 33 countries. I experienced ups and downs and encountered challenges that shaped, nourished and strengthened me.

More than three decades in management, including as CEO, taught me an immeasurable amount, with people, embedded in the respective traditions and cultures, always at the center of my actions - a principle that still guides my work today.

One of my personal challenges is the loss of my first love due to drug use. This experience taught me how to deal with loss & letting go and pull into strength. In addition, I not only overcame panic attacks, but also found the courage to lead myself back to freedom from seemingly hopeless situations.

Then as now, I put my self-doubts to shame through decisive action. Even in a completely new environment where I initially didn't know anyone, I manage to establish a new circle of friends with joy and ease.


I constantly leave my comfort zone and approach new areas with openness and curiosity by exploring different areas of work and life. This willingness to constantly face new challenges has taken me all over the world in my professional career.


Through my positions as tourism island manager, multi-media manager, cruise chief officer and casino director, I was able to significantly expand my specialist knowledge and expert status. These experiences enabled me to develop a deep understanding of different cultures and ways of working and to sharpen my skills in a global context.

During my travels, I also made a significant change:
from the lack-money mindset to the power of receiving, i.e. the abundance-money mindset. This inner transformation allowed me to experience wealth not only materially but also spiritually. Today I can call the renowned St. Moritz my home - a testament to how far you can go when you open yourself to the fullness of life and are ready to receive.

My mission as a mentor & coach is to help people not only define their dreams and goals, but to put them into action with determination and enthusiasm. I guide people to recognize their uniqueness and to use this to develop their potential.

My secret to success lies in the ALL-IN MASTERY method, which leads to identifying callings and goals and implementing them. This method enables people to establish themselves as meaningful doers and implementers in both their private and professional lives.


The heart of my method is the realization of your own greatness. With an impressive portfolio of skills and a clear focus on what matters, my clients can pursue their goals with determination and enthusiasm.

As a passionate globetrotter and human connecter, I know how important it is to approach life with courage and determination. This clearly means: Dare to try new things, step out of your comfort zone, be courageous for the abundance that lies ahead of you!


So I invite YOU - yes, exactly YOU - to boldly embark on your ALL-IN MASTERY journey to personal transformation and success. You are worth it!

Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

These VALUES serve as a guideline for Carmen Cornelia:

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Mit Leichtigkeit & Freude das Leben zu einem Meisterwerk gestalten.

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Selbstbestimmung ist die Freiheit die nächsten Schritte frei zu entscheiden.


In den BeWEGungen liegen die Möglichkeiten & Chancen parat.


What can I do for you? What can I support?

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