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1:1 or Group Training

I guide women & men with strategic precision to actively implement their goals
and pave the way to your individual uniqueness and greatness.
I offer a clear roadmap for achieving the goals.

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What if you could lead a meaningful life free from doubt & insecurity
with lightness, joie de vivre and greatness ?

Would you like to lead a self-determined life in which you live out your calling?
Do enjoy personal freedom and realise your full potential & greatness?
Do you dream of utilising your resources to realise your realise your

individual wishes & goals?

With my ALL-IN MASTERY Method,
you can take your life holistically to the next level.

Cycle of the
ALL-IN Mastery Method

The ALL-IN Mastery Method is a repetitive cycle of personal transformation & creation of a self-determined and fulfilling life. 


No doubt about it: Your life is in a state of constant evolution!

Therefore, make the decision to manage your life in a self-determined way from now on and to consciously shape your development and your life in this way.

Once you experience the ALL-IN Mastery Method cycle, you will realise that with each round of the cycle you will gain valuable insights about yourself. You will be able to define your goals more clearly and work towards them more effectively.

In this way, you will continue to grow and develop. You will reach your full potential and live a fulfilled life.

So start your ALL-IN Mastery Adventure journey of personal transformation today!


What benefit does this offer?

Taking risks and going ALL IN Mastery Method offers a variety of benefits and advantages:

  1. Personal growth:
    Self-determined movement out of your comfort zone enables personal development. We learn to deal with uncertainty, overcome our fears and develop new skills.

  2. New opportunities:
    Going ALL-IN opens new doors & Possibilities. It allows you to think outside the box, explore new paths, discover new career opportunities, form unexpected partnerships or find creative solutions to problems.

  3. Success and fulfillment:
    Going ALL-IN enables professional success, financial stability or personal fulfillment. By venturing into unknown territory and making bold decisions, we increase the likelihood that we will achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams.

  4. Learning from experience:
    Gathering valuable experience. Even if a risk does not always lead to the desired result, we can learn from it and develop further.

  5. Self-realization:
    Taking risks and going ALL-IN means fully committing yourself and pursuing your own dreams and goals. It allows us to develop our inner greatness and our full potential.

Overall, going ALL-IN offers the opportunity for personal growth, new opportunities, success, learning and self-realization.

It encourages us to be the best we can be and live life to the fullest.

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Who is... Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter ?

ALL-IN MASTERY Activator | Mindset Mentorin | Podcasterin| Speakerin für Empowerment & Umsetzung | Bestsellerautorin | Human Connector | Brückenbauerin | Globetrotterin

I'm Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter, your ALL-IN Mastery Guide & Activator. I'm your heart opener and your guide to the realisation of your wishes and goals.

My journey began with the step from the security of my home country into the infinite vastness of the world when I decided to venture into the unknown at the age of 17. I have travelled through many countries.


I have experienced many ups and downs that have shaped, moulded and strengthened me. Losing my first great love to drugs was one of my personal challenges. This experience taught me how to deal with letting go and how to draw strength from it.

I also overcame panic attacks. I found the courage to pull myself out of seemingly hopeless situations. These and other moments have shaped me into the woman I am today. They taught me the transformative power of forgiving, loving and managing myself.

I have learned in my career that true leadership comes from the heart, from visionary leadership positions to my calling as a mentor, speaker and author. The art is to inspire, motivate and create space for growth.

My travels have also taught me to shift from scarcity to abundance - a shift that allowed me to choose to make my home in the renowned St. Moritz, a place that for me embodies the essence of beauty and abundance.

I have developed a deep passion with every step, every encounter, every hurdle I have overcome: To show people, to show YOU, how to move from scarcity to abundance, how to make your dreams come true and live a life full of joy, passion and purpose.

Through the ALL-IN Mastery Method, I open the door to a world where your uniqueness & magnificence is not only recognised but celebrated.

If your heart is calling for change, then you are ready to join me on a journey that will change everything. It's time for you to stand up, to take a bold step forward and to give your life a direction that will fulfil and inspire you.

Take my hand and let's write a new chapter of your story together.

You are worth dreaming and living to see.

I am looking forward to getting to know you on a personal level and learning more about you.

Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter


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