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You're Awesome!

Do you recognize this? Do you use your potential and greatness to realize your desires and to lead a self-determined life?

Download my e-book  11+1 steps
for going ALL-IN into your
self-determined life! !


Are you striving for a self-determined life,
in which you live your desires?

  • Do you feel like you're not good enough?

  • Do you finally want to escape your doubters and fears?

  • Are you looking for clarity about your calling?

  • Do you long for more self-confidence?

  • Do you want a self-determined life?

  • Do you dream of finally living your dreams?

  • Do you often feel invisible, underestimated and lonely?

  • Are you striving for financial security in your life?

  • Do you want more love, recognition and appreciation?

  • And would you like to finally implement your ideas and projects...

All this is just a step away from you. The best way for me to help you is

for us to get to know each other through conversation. So...


What can I do for you? What can I support?

Do you finally want to live your dreams instead of just dreaming about them?

Yes? Then book your free & non-binding consultation
with me here & now! Together we will see where you are right now, what you want to do.

support and if I can accompany you on your way.

My name is


My expertise is:

"Get out of the routine & into the adventure of life by going ALL-IN and living your GREATNESS."



Allegra, I'm Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

As your ALL-IN guide, I will guide you into your self-realization and accompany you on your way to a meaningful life full of success and inner clarity.

I am an expert in empowerment, self-determination and implementation.


With my developed ALL-IN MASTERY method, I not only guide you to your goals, but also help you to recognize and develop your full potential.

My coaching/mentoring services include:

  • Recognizing Your Vocation

  • Overcoming personal challenges

  • Transforming Self-Doubt into Strength

  • Implementation of your ideas, projects and goals

  • Developing an Abundance Money Mindset

  • Opening up new paths to personal and material prosperity

  • Strengthening your self-confidence, self-esteem

  • Empowerment in your own abilities.

  • Coping with loss support

  • Building a full, happy life

Together we will leave your comfort zone, explore new horizons and create a life that is not only dreamed of, but lived.

Let's start the journey to take your life into your own hands with courage and determination – for more happiness, success and satisfaction.

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As a long-time traveler, Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter brings over 25+ years of management experience in the tourism, education, graphics/design and entertainment industries.

The expert for empowerment & implementation has, among other things

  • travels the seas as chief officer on a cruise ship,

  • as a tourism station manager, looking after international customers on a holiday island,

  • managed a graphics & design department in the heart of Greece

  • as director of a casino in Switzerland.

The experienced trainer, then as now, relies on her expertise:
"Explore your GREATNESS".


Our ACTION studio offers the following service:


Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter ist aus folgenden Events bekannt:


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What can I do for you? What can I support?

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