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Image by Willfried Wende

Awaken your financial Power
in 3 Hours

Immerse yourself in the world of ALL-IN Money Mastery® and discover your personal money archetype by asking yourself these questions:

  • Which of the 8 archetypes symbolises you in your relationship with money?

  • What are its light and dark sides?

  • How can you use your strengths to drive your business forward and increase your sales?

This package gives you a deep insight into your unique financial imprint and how it influences your relationship with money.

Pack contents:

  • ALL-IN Money Mastery® Archetype Test to determine your Money Archetype

  •  In 2 times 1:1 mentoring session of 1.5 hour that follows, you will gain a deep understanding of your archetype.

  • Tailor-made tips on how to capitalise on your financial strengths and overcome challenges.

Discovering your personal archetype will change your life.

Put this knowledge to work for you.

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