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🌌Twelthtide - Season of Epiphany: A journey into the depths of silence and reflection 🌌

During the atmospheric winter season, there is a period that has been considered sacred by many cultures for centuries: The Rauhnächte = Twelthtide Season of Epiphany

This special time, traditionally between 24 December and 6 January, is known for its profound spiritual significance and offers a unique opportunity for inner contemplation and reflection.

What are the Rauhnächte?

The Twelve Nights are nights of transition and transformation, rooted in ancient Germanic and Celtic customs.

They symbolise a time when the boundary between the material and spiritual worlds is particularly permeable, allowing for profound insights and revelations. Why are the Rauhnächte so important?

At this time of year, nature retreats and we humans are also invited to focus on our inner selves.

It is a time to let go of old burdens and set new intentions. Twelfth Night serves as a mirror of our soul, helping us to gain clarity about our lives. The benefits of the Rauhnächte/Twelfth Night:

  • Inner clarity: Twelfth Night provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and gain clarity about your personal and professional goals.

  • Realignment: They allow you to realign yourself and set your intentions for the coming year.

  • Spiritual renewal: This time can be used to deepen spiritual practices and forge a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

What do the different nights mean?

Each night represents a month in the year and a task. If you like, you can work on a different theme each day.

Each day Ritual:

25 December - January: Looking back, letting go of the old

  • Question: What do I want to take with me, what do I want to let go of?

  • Ritual: Write down old burdens and superfluous things and burn them in a bowl.

26 December - February: Becoming still, coming to rest

  • Question: What is silence telling me?

  • Ritual: Meditate

27 December - March: Open up to others and to your inner self

  • Do: Experience, observe and interpret everything as you did the first time.

28 December - April: Trust your inner self

  • Question: How can I connect more with my inner wisdom?

29 December - May: Do something good for yourself, enjoy

  • Do: Exercise, get out in the cold (a winter walk)

30 December - June: Forgive, pardon, heal relationships

  • Do: Allow feelings to surface and let go

  • Ritual: Meditate

31 December - July: Discovering your heart's purpose

  • Ask yourself: Where do I want to go? What do I want to achieve? What are my heart issues?

  • Ritual: Journaling

01 January - August: Making decisions for the new year

  • Do: Give lucky symbols

02 January - September: Forgive

  • Question: What could have been the reasons why I was so hurt by this person/this situation/myself?

03 January - October: Becoming aware of what is

  • Doing: Yoga or breathing exercises

04 January - November: Being grateful for what is

  • Question: What or who am I grateful for? What small things make me happy today?

  • Ritual: Keep a gratitude journal

05 January - December: Recognise the meaning of the impulses of the last few nights.

  • Question: Can I make myself happy? Can I see my path more clearly now?

  • Ritual: Burning incense

These rituals will help you:

Listen to your inner voice and strengthen your intuition.

Find answers to deep-seated questions that get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Release emotional blockages and resolve inner conflicts.

Are you ready to take advantage of this time of reflection and reorientation?

Then start today. Twelfth Night offers a valuable opportunity to reflect on yourself and prepare for the coming year.

Use this time to look inside yourself and discover your inner wisdom.

As an expert in empowerment and Implementation, I have experienced the power of these traditions and actively use them in my life with my ALL-IN Implemention. A great tool to Master your Life! They are a source of strength and inspiration for me.

There is no doubt that Twelfth Night is an invitation to consciously end the year and begin the new one with clarity and vision. Use this strength and energy for your life!

Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter Expert of Empowerment & Implemention

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