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💦✨When innovation meets creativity & art: The Dubai Fountain💦✨

In a world where the extraordinary often becomes the norm, the Dubai Fountain is a shining example of how the combination of innovation, creativity and beauty can work wonders.

The Dubai Fountain is a choreographed fountain installation on the 12-hectare man-made Burj Khalifa Lake in the centre of Downtown Dubai. The Dubai Fountain is not only an engineering masterpiece, but also a visual symphony.

Designed by WET Design, the creative minds behind the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the fountain is a ballet of light and water. With 6600 lights, 50 colour projectors and jets of water reaching up to 152.4 metres into the sky, the Dubai Fountain is a spectacle to behold.

But how can we apply these principles of innovation, creativity and beauty to our own lives?

Here are 3 tips from your Empowerment & Implementation expert: 1. Be curious:

Innovation begins with curiosity. Explore new ideas, technologies or hobbies that might inspire your creativity.

2. Design your space:

Design your personal or professional space to encourage beauty & creativity. This could be through art, plants or simply an inspiring arrangement of your surroundings.

3. Share your creations:

Whether it's a photo, a piece of art or a song you've written, share your creativity with others. This will not only encourage your own creativity, but also inspire others.

The Dubai Fountain is a living example of what is possible when these three elements are harmoniously combined.

It invites us to see the beauty in the world around us and to be creative ourselves.

So, when are you going to start channeling your creativity into an innovation that beautifies your surroundings and your environment?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Your Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

"Greatness is your start, being a doer is your way"

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