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Allegra, I am  Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

After a highly successful career as a casino director in an international corporation, I decided to redirect her career in line with her talents and passions.


Today, as a best-selling author I work as a mentor, coach, mediator and international speaker.


As the founder of the ALL-IN Mastery Method I support people in successfully going ALL-IN in various areas of their lives.

With over 25 years of management experience and an adventurous life as a globetrotter, I combine my years of experience with positive psychology and creativity & implementation research.

This is reflected in my personal development books, workshops and mentoring programmes, providing valuable inspiration and input to my readers and clients.



To lead women to the realisation that they are the real winners at the table of life.

I encourage you, dear Queens of Hearts, to recognise your unique value and to go ALL-IN with it.


ALL-IN - with yourselves as your most valuable trump card.

Because you are proud, brave & great. GO ALL-IN!


"As an ALL-IN Mentor I discover your GREATNESS"
exclusive interview guest in the expert podcast

ALL-IN führt zur Grossartigkeit, sagt die ehemalige Casino St.Moritz Direktorin
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Who is... Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter ?

ALL-IN MASTERY Activator | Mindset mentor | Podcaster
bestselling author | Speaker for Empowerment & Implementation
Human Connector | Bridge builder | Globetrotter

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Welcome to the breathtaking casino of life, where every card we draw and every bet we take has the potential to change our lives.

My name is Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter, and I am here to guide you on a journey where recognised passion, lived courage, positive mindset & strategic execution are the keys to a fulfilled life.

My story is that of a woman who decided early on to see the world not just as a stage, but as a limitless playing field where every dream can be realised. Even as a young adventurer who was brave enough to set off alone into the unknown, I learnt that true greatness lies in facing challenges and surpassing oneself.

From the dazzling lights of St. Moritz to the infinite creativity of Las Vegas, I have not only held my own in the world of casinos, but have flourished as a woman at the forefront of this fascinating world.

"Explore your Greatness & GO ALL-IN" - this motto is my credo and an invitation to you to go for your dreams with full conviction.

As the founder of the ALL-IN Mastery Method, I light the way to a life where abundance and material wealth is not just a means, but an expression of our innermost being and dreams.
I show how through conscious financial management, risk-taking and strategic thinking & realisation, every area of life can be masterfully designed.

My message is for all women who feel that life has more in store for them. More success, more satisfaction, more happiness. Through personalised coaching, workshops and inspiring talks, I open the doors to a universe full of wisdom and strategies that enrich not only your professional life, but your entire existence.

I invite you to become part of my ALL-IN community, where each of us can learn to be the dealer of our own destiny. Together we will explore the art of standing firm in a world full of uncertainties and emerging victorious from every game.

On my side, you will discover that life is more than a game of chance. It is a stage where true mastery can be achieved with the right strategies, courage and a pinch of luck. My mission is clear: to empower women to hit the jackpot in every aspect of their lives, supported by the power of a conscious approach to money.

With me, you dare to take the first step into a life full of possibilities, ready to enjoy every moment to the full and to recognise and live the magnificence within you. With a mix of risk-taking, strategic foresight and deep empathy, you are always one step ahead, ready to win the game.

Welcome to my world, where the impossible becomes possible. Where every woman can recognise and unfold her own magnificence.
Together we will shuffle your cards so that you too can experience life in all its splendour!

Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

These VALUES serve as a guideline for Carmen Cornelia:

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Turning life into a masterpiece with ease & joy.

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Self-determination is the freedom to freely decide the next steps.


There are opportunities and chances in the movements.


Your winning streak starts here:
Go for victory in the ALL-IN interview with Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

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