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Bring  prosperity  into  your Life

Do you recognize this? Do you use your potential and greatness to realize your desires and to lead a self-determined life?

Are obstructive beliefs blocking your

money flow and prosperity? Do you feel

trapped in financial insecurity

trapped in financial insecurity?

You can change this

Explore your Greatness & GO ALL-IN


Your lucky streak starts here:

Bet on your ALL-IN Talk with Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter


This way you can become the winner of your own happiness and play the game of life according to your own rules.

  • Do you sometimes feel like the underdog at the table of your life?

  • Do you long to win with confidence?

  • Do you want to break the shackles of invisibility and step into the spotlight?

  • Do you dream of hitting the jackpot of your dreams?

  • Do you long for a full house of love, recognition and applause?

  • Are you ready to win with your great ideas & projects?

Have you? Then hold on to your seats, because we've got some exciting news for you:
Everything you need to win is already inside you. It's just waiting to be discovered and used.
As your ALL-IN mentor, I'm going to show you how. Because...



To lead women to the realisation that they are the real winners at the table of life.

I encourage you, dear Queens of Hearts, to recognise your unique value and to go ALL-IN with it. ALL-IN - with yourselves as your most valuable trump card.

Because you are proud, brave & great. GO ALL-IN!

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How can I support you?

Who is Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter?

After a highly successful career as a casino director in an international corporation, Carmen Cornelia decided to redirect her career in line with her talents and passions.


Today, the best-selling author works as a mentor, coach, mediator and international speaker. As the founder of the ALL-IN Mastery Method, she supports people in successfully going ALL-IN in various areas of their lives.

With over 25 years of management experience and an adventurous life as a globetrotter, Carmen combines her wealth of experience with positive psychology and creativity & implementation research.

This is reflected in her personal development books, workshops and mentoring programmes, providing valuable inspiration and input to her readers and clients.



Are you ready to hit the jackpot of your dreams?
Instead of just dreaming about that big winning combination?

If so, then bet on your luck now and arrange a free, no-obligation 1:1 GO ALL-IN call with me here and now!

Together we'll take a look at your current position at the
table of life. We'll find out which support will give you the strongest aces in the hand on the way to your big win.

Let's discover together whether I, as an ALL-IN mentor, can be the right
person on your journey to success.


Your lucky streak starts here:

Bet on your ALL-IN Talk with Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter


I am Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter, the fearless navigator in the casino of life. I am ready to teach you how to master the cards of your destiny with courage, passion and strategic skill.

I inspire a life where abundance and money are not just a means to an end, but an expression of personal dreams and goals. I encourage every woman to hit the jackpot of success, satisfaction and happiness.

By my side, you will discover that life is a game that can be won with the right attitude, risk taking and empathy.

So I invite you to join me in pushing the boundaries of possibility and living your own magnificence. As a first step in this exciting journey, I offer you a free 30-minute ALL-IN session. GO ALL-IN!


Book here your free call


Your lucky streak starts here:

Bet on your ALL-IN Talk with Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

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