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Embracing the Heart of Stillness

In the heart of the night, where whispers fade, Under the silver glow of the moon's soft parade, There's a calm that settles deep and wide, A hush that covers the world outside.

In stillness, the soul finds its gentle rest, In the quiet, life's rush is softly addressed, Every star a sentinel in the sky's grand hall, In this moment of peace, where shadows fall.

The world slows down, its frenzy eased, In the arms of stillness, our spirits are released, Time pauses, in this tranquil embrace, In the silence, we find a sacred space.

Here, thoughts drift like leaves on a stream, In the stillness, life is a quiet dream, A moment suspended, a breath held long, In the heart of stillness, we find our song. Your Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter

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