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Harmony in Healing: The Dance of Forgiveness

Updated: Jan 8

Forgiveness, a melody sweet, begins with a 'for', A prefix that paves the path, for healing and more. It's the dawn after night, the first light of the morn, A chance to mend what's torn, a new hope reborn.

For 'giving' lies at its heart, a core so profound, A selfless act of grace, where love can be found. It's the art of letting go, setting free the pain, Turning losses into gains, in life's intricate chain.

In this dance of forgiveness, with steps light and true, We learn the strength in softness, in shades of gentle hue. It's the whisper in the wind, the calm in the storm, A promise of transformation, a chance to reform.

So let's embark on this journey, where 'for' meets 'giving', In a symphony of souls, harmoniously living. For in the act of forgiving, we find our release, In this beautiful waltz, we find our peace. Your Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter #forgiveness #lyric #powerofwords #healing #harmony #dance #stillness #power

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