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Online Workshop: 11 tips for more time and success

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Gain more valuable time for what matters through efficiency. Course overview: Overwhelmed by endless tasks, emails & calls? Are you wondering how you can do everything and still have joy in life? Regardless of your background - whether private individual, student, employee or manager - these 11 universal efficiency strategies will help you be more productive & bring more structure to your everyday life. Anyone who has a desire to increase their daily effectiveness should not miss this course. Why now? In our fast-paced world, 24 hours is often not enough. Do you want more time for fun & passion? Efficiency makes the difference. Learn how you can get more out of your day & live a more fulfilling life. Learn from the best: Carmen Cornelia Haselwanter brings 25+ years of management experience in a diverse, challenging business world. From cruise ships to casinos, she has proven that she knows how to trade both effectively and efficiently. Course content: 1. Why efficiency is so crucial. 2. 11 concrete tips that will revolutionize your everyday life. 3. Next steps to stay on the path to success. Added value for you: Carmen used her efficiency techniques to be successful. Her decades of expertise have helped many realize their full potential. You too can use their expertise and tips!

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CHF 44.00


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