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Mindset Mentor. Speaker. Writer.




The versatile, international clientele introduces itself...

The globetrotter with Austrian roots looks after a diverse international clientele from numerous industries and sectors. From single mothers to board members.


Although every client - private person & company - of Carmen is unique in its origin, tradition, mother tongue and activity, all clients are the same in one thing: They are all:Implementers, performers & doersto those who are ready

  • make a clear decision to seek support

  • confident to take the next step

  • to act solution-oriented & actively,

  • to step on the gas consistently in life,

  • to realize that they themselves are the creators,

  • remain determined in the implementation & 

  • want to make a jackpot out of their lives.

To do this, the self-determination expert uses various methods, techniques and the ALL-IN strategy she developed to guide users into a self-determined and
lives a fulfilling life. 

You too can use this resource to make your life a success story. 

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What can I do for you? What can I support?

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